Monday, April 13, 2015

Celebrate National Library Week!

CLIC's courier James joined in on the fun to promote reading and National Library Week at Concordia.

Friday, March 6, 2015

CLIC Marketing Task Force Update

In the five months since CLIC's Marketing Workshop with Kathy Dempsey, the CLIC Marketing Task Force has been hard at work crafting pilot projects to promote reference and resource sharing services at the member libraries. The Task Force is beginning the marketing cycle by gathering data from the libraries' communities in three ways: (1) focus groups, (2) "Question of the Week," and (3) CLIC/ILL analogy contest.

The Task Force will use focus groups at each CLIC school to gather data on students' knowledge of reference services provided by their libraries. Dr. Jennifer Kloos of St. Catherine University met with the Task Force to train us on the fundamentals of focus groups, and we are now in the process of developing the focus group questions.

"Question of the Week" is an initiative to gather data from people visiting the libraries. Each school will have a board prominently displaying a Question of the Week in the library, and library users will be encouraged to write their answers to the questions on post-it notes. 

In determining how to promote resource sharing, the Task Force said that it was difficult to explain to users the difference between borrowing from CLIC and ILL. They concluded that an analogy would be helpful. The Task Force will hold a contest among CLIC library student workers to come up with a CLIC/ILL analogy that can be used in a marketing campaign.

Please feel free to contact any Task Force member with your questions about their projects.  Task Force members include: Missy Motl (Augsburg), April Youngblood (Bethel), Megan Johnson-Saylor (Concordia), LouAnn Terveer (Hamline), Jessica Moore (Northwestern), Amy Mars (St. Kate's), and Julie Kimlinger (UST). Ruth McGuire and Ruth Dukelow represent the CLIC Board on the Task Force.

Monday, March 2, 2015

CLIC Implementation Team Update, March 2, 2015

Did March come in like a lion or a lamb this year? The I-Team breezed into March with a discussion of ongoing support for Intota V.1 as we prepare for migration to Intota V.2.

"Male Lion on Rock" by wwarby - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
ProQuest is moving CLIC's I-Team from implementation to support for Intota V.1: Summon, Intota Assessment, and Intota ERM. With V.1 in place, the Team will be meeting less frequently, until later this year when we begin pre-migration implementation for V.2: description, fulfillment, and acquisitions. Our expected migration date is Spring 2016.
Please see your Implementation Team representative if you have questions.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Implementation Team Update - ERM Training

Last week, the Implementation Team met with ProQuest trainers Scott Shull and Donna Boecker to learn about Intota ERM. 

During the two-day training sessions, staff from CLIC libraries also had a chance to share enhancement requests and other concerns with the trainers. Later this week, the Implementation Team and CLIC Board will meet with ProQuest management for updates on Intota product development and enhancements.

For more photos, see CLIC's Facebook page.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Implementation Team Groundhog Day Update

Photo by Gilles Gonthier, CC License 2012.
ProQuest conducted two Intota Assessment training webinars in January. To view recordings of the training sessions, please contact your Implementation Team representative for the URLs and passwords.
Subject to review and approval of the ASAs, the Implementation Team set the quarterly schedule for complete loads as follows:
Summon: February, May, August, November
Intota Assessment: January, April, July, October
Please see your Implementation Team representative if you have questions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Academic Institutions Select ProQuest Intota

CLIC libraries are mentioned in ProQuest's January 28 press release:

Academic Institutions Select ProQuest Intota for Transformative Library Management Capabilities and Industry-Leading User Experience

According to the news item, there has been significant adoption of Intota over the past six months, with more than 35 academic libraries now on board. This is great news, and CLIC's Implementation Team is pleased to welcome new libraries into the fold!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Implementation Team Update, Jan. 20, 2015

Repositories in Summon. Six of CLIC's CONTENTdm collections are now in Summon, and Bethel's will be added later this week.  See:
St. Kate's 
St. Thomas

Intota Assessment (IA) Training. ProQuest is conducting two IA webinars for CLIC this week on January 22 and 23. Contact your I-Team representative for log-in information. Both webinars will also be recorded to view later.

Summon indexing. The re-indexing is in place with improved search results in Summon.