Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CLIC Courier Schedule

Due to member library closings between the holidays, the CLIC Courier will NOT deliver Wednesday, December 24th through Friday, January 2nd.  Regular delivery will resume on Monday, January 5th

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

End of the Year Delivery

Finals week is almost over, and our courier, James, is busy delivering bins full of returned items to CLIC libraries.

James delivering four full bins of returned books to Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library.
Thanks, James, for another year of great delivery service to CLIC!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Implementation Team Celebrates One-Year Milestone

In December 2013, the newly-appointed Implementation Team assembled to work on their first project: the deliverables section of the license. Today, the Team celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Seated: Greg Argo, Jon Neilson, Ruth Dukelow, Mike Bloomberg, Dani Roach, Rhonda Gilbraith. Standing: Nate Farley, Steve Waage, Amy Shaw.
The Team has accomplished a great deal in the past year:
~Completed license agreement with ProQuest.
~Hosted kick-off event to introduce library staff to Summon and Intota.
~Worked with catalogers to map CLICnet database to Summon.
~Transitioned member libraries to Summon 2.0.
~Hosted ProQuest training sessions (live and online).
~Set up the ERM component of Intota.
~Loaded member library data into Intota Assessment.

In the coming year, the Implementation Team looks forward to hosting more training and to beginning work on our migration to the remaining Intota components.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stewart and Implementation Team Honored at Annual CLIC Luncheon

Library Staff at CLIC Awards Luncheon.
Eighty-eight staff from member libraries attended CLIC's 2014 Awards Luncheon at Northwestern on December 3. Our featured luncheon speaker was Sarah Bellamy who gave an inspirational and entertaining presentation on Penumbra Theatre Company's Summer Institute.
Luncheon speaker Sarah Bellamy of Penumbra Theatre Company.
David Stewart of Bethel University received the CLIC User Service Award for his professionalism and leadership throughout a momentous year for CLIC. As the CLIC Board President in 2013-14, David guided the board through discussions on the vendor RFP and selection process for a new shared library management system.  Throughout the process, David was a thoughtful and exemplary statesman on behalf of CLIC and is well-deserving of recognition for his work. 
CLIC Board President Ruth McGuire awarding the User Service Award to David Stewart.
The winner of this year's CLIC Group Effectiveness Award is the Implementation Team, including Mike Bloomberg, Rhonda Gilbraith, Greg Argo, Jon Neilson, Amy Shaw, Nate Farley, Dani Roach, and Steve Waage.  The amount of time and energy the Implementation Team has given, the persistence and patience they've shown, and their ongoing commitment are just a few of the reasons they were chosen for this recognition. The Implementation Team has been working steadily and diligently since January 2014 to implement the phases of Summon and Intota.  Their dedication to staying on top of issues has been impressive, even when the implementation workload seems daunting.
Implementation Team: Dani Roach, Steve Waage, Nate Farley, Jon Neilson, Amy Shaw, Greg Argo, Rhonda Gilbraith. [Not pictured: Mike Bloomberg.] 
Mike Bloomberg in 1970. For more recent photo of Mike, see CLIC's Facebook page.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Implementation Team Update, December 1, 2014

Summon 2.0
Testing of the fix to the duplicate records issue is now complete, and ProQuest will begin loading our revised data into Summon this week.  Users should see improvements in Summon searches by the end of next week.

Intota Assessment (IA)
ProQuest has completed loading data for Augsburg, Bethel, and Concordia into IA. Over the next few weeks, data for the remaining libraries will be loaded and tested. We expect to schedule IA training in early 2015 after all data is loaded successfully.

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions or concerns related to CLIC's Summon and Intota implementation, please do not hesitate to speak with your library's Implementation Team representative.